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In Search of the Sacred, # 11044

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In Search of the Sacred, # 11044
Item Number: 11044

This book is neither a deriding of the worldly "profane" nor a splitting up of reality into a supposedly unholy realm over against one which alone is consecrated to God.
Something which threatens to be forgotten, to disappear from the memory of man is fixed upon here: namely, that in this world which is given us as our life's environment, not only does the striving to take care of our daily needs possess an obvious right, as well as the marketplace, the economy, scholarly research, etc.; but rather in their very midst there is something in the fullest sense beyond our daily concerns: "God's tent" among men, the sanctuary where, set off from the round of daily work, the bodily presence of the eternal Logos become man is honored and celebrated.

"Josef Pieper is proof that some grow wise as well as old. This book is typical of the deceptively modest meditations that have won him a world-wide audience. 'Is nothing sacred anymore?' is a plaintive question often heard. Pieper enables us to see what a thoroughly secularized culture has lost and at the same time he draws attention to the Church, the altar, the Eucharist."
- Ralph McInerny
University of Notre Dame

"We must in the liturgy retrieve the dimension of the sacred."
- Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
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