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United States Order Processing & Returns 

Orders shipped within the United States are usually delivered in 1-2 weeks.
For shipping purposes "Business Days" refers to the full 8-hour business days following the day an order was received.  For example, a shipping comment of "Usually ships in 1-2 Business days" means the products usually ship out by the end of the second full business day following the day the order was received. 
"In Stock - Available for Immediate Shipment" means that this item (or items), if not ordered with items that have a different shipping comment, should ship out before the close of the first full business day following order submission.

     The shipping time applies whether the order was shipped complete in a single package, or whether it required multiple shipments.  While this delivery-time goal continues to be met in the vast majority of cases, some orders will experience delays beyond the indicated shipping time due to unforeseen circumstances.  In these cases, we make reasonable attempts to keep the customer informed of their orders progress.  If a customer has not received their order prior to the end of the specified shipping time, they should e-mail us at   

     Packages shipped within the U.S. may have their address modified by the United States Post Office,, or any other recognized third-party shipment processor whose services we may employ.  Typical address modifications include the addition of the last four digits of your Zip Code, or abbreviating "Apartment" as "Apt.".

     Orders should be inspected for correctness and damaged items as soon as the order arrives.

     The responsibility for a correct address belongs to the customer.  If merchandise is lost in shipment within the United States because we were provided with an incorrect or incomplete shipping address, the customer will need to place a new order or make other arrangements with us.

     When a tracking method is employed (such as is standard with UPS packages, or when Delivery Confirmation is added to Postal products), we accept the shipper’s representation of the package’s delivery status.

     If a registered customer changes either their Billing or Shipping address, that change will only appear on future orders.  Orders already submitted, including Partially Shipped orders, will not be affected.  Customers wanting to change the address of an existing order before it ships, should e-mail us with the new information.


     If merchandise is returned to us as undeliverable for any reason not of our own making, we will attempt to contact the customer to resolve the issue.  If we receive a corrected address and permission to recharge the shipping fee, we will resend the merchandise. 
     If we do not receive a corrected address for the undeliverable items (or other instructions) we will cancel the order, restock the items and process a refund for you.  This refund will be equal to your order Sub-Total for the items involved, minus a 10% Restock Fee.
     Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card that paid for the order.  
     Merchandise that is returned to us by the customer for any reason not of our own making is subject to a 10% restock fee.

     Item/s that are returned to must be received by us no later forty (40) days after receipt of the item/s by the customer.  Returned items should be accompanied by the original packging and paperwork, and include the reason for the return.  Customers should understand that refunds on their returns are subject to the 10% Restock Fee, and may not include reimbursement for any Shipping Fees. 

     Some product-return limitations include: no return on the Solid Gold Medals, Clothing items, Movies, DVDs, CDs, and any items that are described as non-returnable in their description.  If such non-returnable items are in fact returned to us, they are subject to being disposed of by at its discretion.  

     Returns should be made to Returns,, 6983 S. Washington St. Centennial, CO, 80015, USA.   

United States Standard Shipping Postage & Handling
Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time without notice.


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