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Heaven - The Heart's Deepest Longing, # 17526

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The first major book on the subject of heaven since The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, this expanded edition of Heaven examines the hunger for heaven that is so strong in all of us. Fascinating and upbeat, Heaven thoroughly explores the psychological, philosophical and theological dimensions of this search for total joy and for the ultimate reality that grounds it. Drawing upon the substance of experience, Kreeft points up the centrality and significance of this most basic heart's-dynamic, the longing for heaven. As it probes the failure of our modern, idolatrous society to provide answers to the essential human questions of hope and happiness, Heaven also provides a solution to the fundamental riddle of death and points the way beyond the meaninglessness of atheistic and secular philosophies.

"Peter J. Kreeft explores death as an enemy, a stranger, a friend, a mother and finally a lover... His answers are deeply Christian in this philosophical approach to life's most certain fact."

-Christian Review

"Refreshing and powerful well written and straight to the point. One might suppose that a book on death would be a somber experience: in the end it is a joyful one."
à -Sheldon Vanauken
Author, A Severe Mercy
and Under the Mercy

"Excellent... A thoughtful and triumphant accolade to the power of faith."

Heaven - The Heart's Deepest Longing, # 17526

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