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Reincarnation: Illusion or Reality?

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Once this belief was considered apart from a companion belief in a personal God, capable of pardon and pity. However, once it was subordinated to the unique and inexorable law of Karma, belief in reincarnation became more ruinous than helpful to humanity. It was at this point that belief in reincarnation encountered two contrasting solutions to the problems posed by its Gnosticsm, which sought to help man escape from an endless cycle of births by means of special knowledge; and Christianity, which, by reason of its faith in Christ, dead and risen “once and for all,” fundamentally opposed belief in reincarnation in the West.

AbouAbout the Author: Edmond Robillard, OP, a Canadian Dominican priest, traces the history of the developments of the religious thought of humanity centered around the question of the immortality of the soul. Belief in reincarnation is most ancient. While it would have been easy to cite common experience as the proof that everything ends with death, the fact is that men have continued to believe the contrary, namely, that there persisted an indestructible element in them in which the best and the worst in them survived forever and recommenced with a new existence.
Paperback, 208 pages.
Reincarnation: Illusion or Reality?

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