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Engraving is accomplished with state of the art Laser Engravers

Lines of text are engraved horizontally and centered.

Engraved text will be capitalized and punctuated as submitted by the customer.

Punctuation, such as commas, periods, special characters, as well as spaces, count as characters when entering your text.

Using fewer characters usually means the engraved text will be larger and easier to read.  You might want to avoid, where possible, punctuation such as commas, periods or quotation marks, and abbreviating words or names may be an option for you.

Unless there is a spelling mistake on our part from the spelling provided by the customer, the cost of engraving can not be refunded.

Once you submit your order, no changes can be made.  Please double check spelling, punctuation, dates, and numbers.

One line of three (3) characters only for Monogram and Circle Monogram engraving.

Engraving may add a day or two to the stated Shipping time for that item.

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