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St. Antony

St. Anthony of the Desert lived a fantastic life. 

He was the first hermit and the Father of Monasticism, all as recorded in the inimitable style of the great Doctor of the Church, St. Athanasius of Alexandria (c.297-373 A.D.). St. Antony's life was full of God's miracles and his life is full of St. Antony's wisdom and his revelations. St. Antony's life and his mission to develop Monasticism played a crucial role in St. Benedict's further development of the monastic model.  This model was brilliant in preserving and promoting the Catholic Church's mission to evangelize the world.

From St. Antony's life, for example, we learn that there are swarms of devils everywhere, but that they are powerless to harm us if we use the Holy Name of Jesus and the sacramentals of the Church to ward them off. We also see how stalwart the Saints were in every crisis of life, how they defended the integrity of the Faith with every fibre of their being and fought heresy unmercifully.

There are many, many points of great interest in this book: e.g., how in speaking with some pagan Greek philosophers, St. Antony reminded them that their "e;gods"e; had been banished by the early Christian missionaries because they were devils, and how, because St. Antony overcame the devil, Our Lord promised to make him "e;renowned everywhere."e; With the life of St. Antony, monasteries began to spring up in the mountains and in the desert because people were drawn to imitate him.

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