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St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette of Lourdes is one of the most delightful saints that France has produced.  Mary appeared to Bernadette near a grotto that was used as a trash dump.  On February 11, 1858, while looking for firewood, Bernadette, being sickly, was unable to keep up with her companions and beheld Mary.  Bernadette prayed the rosary with Mary.  Mary only joined in on the Glory Be to the Father prayer-showing that Mary could not pray the Our Father because she had no sin, and also showing she could not pray the Hail Mary because it was addressed to herself.

When St. Bernadette asked Mary who she was, she replied, "e;Yo soy era immaculata conceptiou"e;- "e;I am the Immaculate Conception."e;  This totally shook up St. Bernadette's parish priest, but to theologians reflecting on the phrase, it revealed Mary as the most gracious gift of God as the spouse of the Holy Spirit, the most beautiful "e;Created Immaculate Conception"e; as contrasted to the Holy Spirit as the Uncreated Immaculate Conception.  

St. Bernadette conveyed the Mother of God's wishes that people pray the rosary and do penance.  At the request of Mary, St. Bernadette ate grass and dug in the earth.  A fountain began to flow and healing water that appears not to let bacteria grow has not ceased to flow from this fountain.

Someone once asked St. Bernadette why with all St. Bernadette's sicknesses did she not go to take advantage of the healing water?  She replied the water was for others and not for her-revealing the penance she offered for her sins and the sins of the world.  St. Bernadette's earthly suffering was also seen when Mary told St. Bernadette that "e;I don't promise to make you happy in this life but in the next."e; 

St. Bernadette's body is preserved incorrupt in Nevers, France when she died after finishing her life as a faithful nun with the sisters of Nevers.  Bernadette is a derivative of Bernard and means "e;strong as a bear."e;

St. Bernadette is the patron saint of those suffering from bodily ills, sickness, and poverty.  She is also the patron of shepherdesses, shepherds, Lourdes, France, people ridiculed for their piety, and the most beautiful and smart Bernadette Jacinta who was born on February 11, 2002 in Denver, Colorado.

St. Bernadette was canonized  in 1933 by Pope Pius XI.

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