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St. Joseph

St. Joseph is honored as the Patron of the Universal Church. He is also known as the Betrothed because he was engaged to and married Mary the Mother of God. He was the earthly spouse of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.


St. Joseph is also known as Joseph the Worker. Many people invoke him for employment and invoke St. Joseph to help them sell their homes. The Catholic Store recommends that a person who wishes to sell his home not to bury the statue of St. Joseph but to put the statue of St. Joseph in a place of honor in the house and when the house sells, take the statue to the new house and put the statue in another place of honor.


St. Joseph has two major feast days.  St. Joseph is celebrated on March 19 as the Patron of the Universal Church.  St. Joseph is celebrated on May 1 as St. Joseph the Worker.


St. Joseph is the patron saint of the Universal Church, workers, carpenters, the unemployed, foster fathers, against doubt and hesitation, guardian of purity and chastity, and he is the patron of countless organizations, dioceses, and causes.


St. Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death because he most probably had Mary and Jesus at his side when he died. No church claims the body of St. Joseph and it is highly probable that he was taken immediately to heaven when his earthly life was over. Recall that St. Bernadette was incorrupt at death after having contact with Mary over various visits that did not exceed a few hours. St. Joseph was in daily contact with Jesus and Mary for many years. What a joy to anticipate seeing Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph at death.  This is also why, traditionally, the invocation, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you, save souls,” is so powerful.


The church extols the virtue of St. Joseph and he is never outdone in generosity, reflecting the servanthood of Jesus and Mary.


St. Joseph protected Mary, as a perpetual virgin, and guarded the Redeemer, the Most Holy and Pure, Jesus. St. Joseph is also patron saint of the smart, handsome, and loving Joseph Robert who was born in Denver, Colorado on February 1, 2000.


St. Luke (3.23) reveals that Helo was the father of St. Joseph and St. Matthew (1.16) calls St. Joseph the son of Jacob.  The hidden life ofSt. Joseph was totally dedicated to serving and protecting Jesus and Mary. St. Joseph worked very hard and was not spared the struggles of life just because he took care of Jesus and Mary as witnessed by having to take Mary and Jesus into Egypt when the life of Jesus was in danger.

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