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St. Richard

There are numerous St. Richards. Some people wonder if there could be a better name than Richard. Coincidentally, the compiler of this article is named Richard. This compiler has also noted, very humbly indeed, the sublimity of the name Richard many moons before the name was so popular and cool. Two saints of note are St. Richard Gwyn and St. Richard Pampuri.  

St. Richard Gwyn, also known as St. Richard White, was born in 1537 in Wales and was martyred and died in 1584 at Wrexham. St. Richard Gwyn was educated at Cambridge and became a teacher. He renounced Protestantism when he converted and saw the splendor of catholicism. St. Richard Gwyn was imprisoned, tortured, and martyred for his profession of catholicism. He was canonized in 1970.


St. Richard Gwyn is the patron of large families, parents of large families, and torture victims.


Another Richard, St. Richard Pampuri, was born on August 2, 1897 as the tenth of eleven children and was named Erminio Filippo Pampuri. His mother died of tuberculosis when St. Richard Pampuri was three. His father died when St. Richard Pampuri was ten.


St. Richard Pampuri wanted to become a missionary priest but his health was too weak for the rigors of the work so he studied medicine. He was involved in Catholic Action and attended daily Mass and was nourished by the Precious Body and Blood often to pursue his work. He was drafted into the Italian army and served in the medical corps in World War I. St. Richard Pampuri served the sick and injured and saw the misery of war. He graduated from medical school on July 6, 1921 at the top of his class.


St. Richard Pampuri worked as a rural doctor in the Po Valley, a poor area near Milan, Italy. He organized retreats for his parish and worked with youth. He treated the poor for free or at a reduced rate and raised money to help them. St. Richard Pampuri founded the Band of Pius X, a medical group dedicated to care of the poor.


St. Richard Pampuri joined the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God on June 22, 1927. He took the religious name, Riccardo and made his profession on October 24, 1928.  St. Richard Pampuri ran a free dental clinic for the Order by treating those in need and giving them food and money if they needed it.


St. Richard Pampuri died on May 1, 1930 in Milan of pleurisy, tuberculosis and pneumonia. He was canonized on November 1, 1989 by Pope John Paul II.


St. Richard Pampuri is the patron saint of those suffering from pleurisy, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. He is also the patron saint of the handsome, intelligent, and service oriented Richard Emmanuel who was born in Denver, Colorado on August 14, 1998.


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